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28 juin 2016
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Dedicated production capacities

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A brand,
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Company overview

DOORTAL’S development

1994 : Set- up of the company in Miribel Les Echets with 400 square meters of workshop

2000 : Move to new premises with 800 square meters of workshop

2008 : 1000 square meters added to workshop surface

2013 : Construction of a new production plant raising the total surface area to 4000 square meters

Over twenty years, DOORTAL has become a reference in the area of technical steel door sets.

Cutting-edge technology for optimal quality

Over its whole development, the family shareholders stuck to their integrated production process ideal, with a modern machinery range for a production with no tolerance, an engineering office and its own bench testing. Therefore, Doortal participates to strengthen French industrial network and employment of local skilled labour.

A trustworthy brand for our customers

Totally independent, the Doortal partnership is 100% family-owned with a stable financial situation. It’s a trust-enhancing factor for our customers in France and abroad.


Group photo of Doortal team
Group photo of Doortal team
Doortal’s corporate brochure
Doortal’s corporate brochure