Acoustic doors

4 juillet 2016
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Our expertise: sound insulation

SONIPLUS acoustic doors

The soundproof door types

With more than 20 years’ experience in acoustic doors, also called soundproof doors, DOORTAL is recognized on the market for the performance of its products. The range includes five models:

– SONIPLUS 40, SONIPLUS 45 and SONIPLUS 50 with up to a 53 dB acoustic rating (with approved certificate). These door sets also have exceptional thermal ratings from 1.8 to 1.2 W/m².K.

– SONIPLUS 55 and SAS SONIPLUS 62 are very high performance acoustic doors that can answer to the most severe constraints with acoustic ratings of 58 dB without airlock and 62 dB with airlock. This acoustic airlock made of two soundproof doors comes with a simultaneous leaf opening system. The SONIPLUS 55 door set also has a EI 60 fire proof rating.

The strength of the DOORTAL acoustic door sets is due to their steel box section frame as well as 1.5 or 2 mm steel on the leaf and strong certified hinges. They come with a 10 year warranty.

Laboratory tested sound absorbing doors

The SONIPLUS acoustic doors have all been designed and laboratory tested following the exclusive « ChronoFIX® ». concept, which means the doors are very easily fitted by screwing the frame in place and doing a silicon seal on each side. As there is no concrete casting, the door sets can be mounted in any support wall: concrete, metal supporting structure, wood…

The DOORTAL acoustic door benefits

Rubber seals

The rubber seals have been specially designed by DOORTAL to adapt to its acoustic doors. The material composition as well as the shape of these seals ensure the needed elasticity to prevent air leakage even in case of imperfect evenness in view of an ideal sound absorption.

Weather resistant acoustic door set

In addition to its basic function, the SONIPLUS acoustic door set is weather resistant and reduces the risk of burglary so that they can be installed inside as well as outside.

Acoustic threshold rail for disabled persons

These acoustic door sets have been designed with a slim threshold (12 mm thick) as standard but are also available without a threshold bar by using an automatic drop seal system. This facilitates access for disabled persons and wheeled equipment, or simply offers improved aesthetics.

Ready-to-fit soundproof door

The DOORTAL acoustic doors have simple locks and single or multiple panic locks, or sloped bold locks in order to enforce the phonic seals compression, as well as access control locking systems to monitor inflows and outflows on emergency exits. Round and rectangular vision panels are also available (with official certificates).

All this furniture is factory mounted and fitted.

The colour coated finish

The SONIPLUS soundproof doors are made of galvanized steel and powder coated in any RAL or BS colours. They are also available in stainless steel.

Extra-large size acoustic door sets

SONIPLUS 40 and SONIPLUS 50 products are available in large sizes up to 5 meters wide and 5,5 meters high. Even in these extreme dimensions, the acoustic door sets have ready to fix frames, which makes the installation easy.