Anti-burglary doors

4 juillet 2016
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Our expertise: burglary resistance

SECURIPLUS anti-burglary doors

The reinforced door product range

Anti-burglary* door specialist, DOORTAL manufactures a whole range of security doors, single or double leaf, to protect sensitive premises against manual or armed attacks. The range consists of:

– Anti-burglary door sets: SECURIPLUS 12 and SECURIPLUS 20 corresponding to different protection grades according to French standards NF 20.320, 20.311 and 20.551

– Fire rated security door sets: SECURIPLUS 3 and SECURIPLUS 4, compile both anti-burglary rating according to new Europeans standards EN 1627 and 1630 and fire rating according to Europeans standards EN 1634-1.

– Police approved door sets security doors according to specific police forces demands

– Bullet-proof ratings FB3 to FB7 and FSG:  options available, according to European standards EN 1522 and EN 1523. These ratings cover both handguns and weapons of war.

High standard security door manufacturer

SECURIPLUS, the security door par excellence, a design without any weak points. Made of steel, the ultimate material for protection against violent attacks, the SECURIPLUS security door is made of a thick steel leaf (double 2 mm steel). The sectional frame and strong hinges are designed for extra strength. Dog bolts prevent tearing out of the door leaf even if the hinges have been severed. Solid steel reinforcements are integrated inside the leaf and frame, ensuring safety as well as aesthetic finish. A crucial point of security, the SECURIPLUS lock provides excellent performance due to 3 or 5 deadbolts spread around the opening. The central lock case is protected by the steel escutcheon plate to prevent forced opening. SECURIPLUS security door sets are available with electric latches or motorized locks to manage access at all times and at any distance. These are compatible with any access control system: swipe cards, fingerprint readers or electronic keypads. The DOORTAL security door sets can be equipped with a vision panel with laminated glass rated according to EN 356 and EN 1063. As for the whole range, the DOORTAL security door set is coated in standard white RAL 9010 or any other RAL or BS colour.

Security door set with certificate

DOORTAL security doors have approved certificates from the CNPP according to European standards EN 1627 and EN 1630 and French standards NF P20-320, NF P20-311 and NF P20-551. Ratings are for both hinge side and opposite hinge side.

• Anti-burglary door sets

SECURIPLUS 12 and SECURIPLUS 20 security doors meet extra high security needs for gunsmiths, banks, government and military buildings, court houses etc. They respectively meet French standards level 3, 12 minutes burglary resistance, and 5, 20 minutes burglary resistance.

These doors also have a 38 dB acoustic rating (CSTB certificate).

• Fire rated security door sets

As resistance to burglary requirements keep increasing, thanks to its knowledge and experience, DOORTAL has successfully developed fire rated security doors, long awaited in the high security market.

SECURIPLUS 3 and SECURIPLUS 4 door sets have respectively CR3 and CR4 anti-burglary ratings according to EN 1627 and 1630 standards and respectively EI30 and EI60 fire rating according to EN 1634-1 rating.

Available in single and double leaf, inside or outside opening, with mechanical lock or motorized lock to manage access, the SECURIPLUS 3 and 4 security doors offer a unique solution to protect security sensitive areas from any safety issues: fire, burglary, armed attacks, etc.

• Police approved door sets

Furthermore, as a reinforced door manufacturer, DOORTAL has developed special doors according to police force specifications: vault doors and safe room doors. With a 5 point lock and a wide-angle spyhole they ensure police force safety.

• Bullet-proof ratings: FB3 to FB7 and FSG

Tested according to EN 1522 and EN 1523 European standards, Doortal’s bullet-proof doors have FB3 to FB7 and FSG ratings. They are designed to protect individuals from firearm and hunting gunshots. The doors have been tested in an approved laboratory in France. The certificates validate the entire bullet proof door set: leaf, lock, frame, hinges etc. for an overall resistance.

* « anti-burglary » refers to a system which acts against burglary without guaranteeing absolute prevention