Fire rated doors

4 juillet 2016
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Our expertise: fire resistance

PYROPLUS fire rated doors

Certificates according to European standards

Fire rated door manufacturer, DOORTAL completed the whole PYROPLUS range in partnership with third party certifying laboratories in order to validate the door sets resistance to fire characteristics, in appliance with the new Europeans standards EN 1634-1.

The European standards define two fire ratings for door sets:

– The E integrity rating corresponds to a barrier against flames and smoke

– The EI insulation rating, more difficult to attain, also takes into account the thermal insulation to protect persons nearby from the risk of burns.

All DOORTAL fire rated door sets have both these ratings.

DOORS with fire proof, acoustic and thermal ratings

The PYROPLUS fire rated steel door sets can also be acoustic rated and thermal rated. They come in two ranges:


– EI 30 fire rating (30 minutes integrity and insulation)

– Up to 42 dB acoustic rating

– Up to 42 dB acoustic rating

– EI 60 fire rating (60 minutes integrity and insulation)

– Up to 52 dB acoustic rating

– From 1.4 to 1.3 W/m².K thermal rating

The PYROPLUS fire proof door benefits

Premium doors manufacturer

The DOORTAL fire proof steel door is proven to have superior quality in the steel fire rated door market. It includes a steel tubular frame exclusive to Doortal, the 1.5 mm thick leaf with internal reinforcements as well as strong hinges with stainless steel ball bearings grade 14 according to EN 1935 standard.

Made of galvanized steel, PYROPLUS door sets are protected from rust with weather seals fixed on all four sides in order to be completely watertight. They are suitable for interior or exterior use.

Wide selection of furniture

The PYROPLUS fire resistant doors come with a wide range of furniture that have been tested and certified in approved laboratories, such as:

– Access control locking systems: motorized lock, magnetic lock, deadbolt lock

– Door closers and door coordinators: door closer with slide bar, concealed, door coordinator systems with guide rail

– Handles: inside handle + reinforced fixed handle, stainless steel escutcheon, etc.

– Miscellaneous furniture: security bar, spyhole

Fire resistant door with powder coating

The colour coated finish:  made of galvanized steel, the door sets are then powder coated in any RAL or BS colour.

Installation speed and simplicity « ChronoFIX® » concept

As for all DOORTAL door sets, fixing the fire resistant doors is simply achieved by screwing the frame in place (reveal fit) followed by a silicon seal on each side. They are fitted without mortar or rabbet. The furniture is also factory-fitted which guarantees “on site” functioning.

Specialized systems

In addition to the standard PYROPLUS product line, the design and technical team is able to manufacture customized fire rated doors according to specific requirements: architectural integration, special furniture, fitting in drywall, etc.

Those adjustments are validated by an approved laboratory in order to maintain the door sets fire rating.