Glazed doors

4 juillet 2016
Portes vitrées VITROPLUS

VITROPLUS glazed doors

Glazed doors with approved ratings

In addition to the solid panel doors, DOORTAL also manufactures glazed doors in order to balance the quality of steel with the transparency of glass. These doors have several high ratings: Uw thermal rating up to 1,5 W/m².K, integrity (barrier against flames and smoke) and/or insulation (barrier against flames and smoke with high thermal protection) rating up to 60 minutes, acoustic rating up to Rw 43 Db and CR3 anti-burglary rating.

The quality of DOORTAL’s glazed joineries

Naturally, the steel is the strongest material to make glazed joineries. Compared to aluminium, PVC or wood, it has the best mechanical resistance for intensive use, burglary and fire. The leaves are manufactured with welded angles for a guaranteed assembly over time. Thus, steel glazed doors have become essential over the years in public places, industrial buildings and collective housing.

Doors, overpanels, fixed panels: a full range

These joineries can be single or double leaf door sets, with overpanels, fixed panels on the sides, with or without mid rails, or fixed screens. A wide range of glass is available, in conformity with product ratings: thermal, fire-proof, acoustic, anti-burglary, bullet-proof etc.

A wide range of door furniture

A large choice of door furniture is available, such as multiple point locks, panic bars, pull handles, access control with electric latches, magnet locks and many more.