Insulated doors

4 juillet 2016
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Our expertise: thermal insulation

INSUPLUS insulated doors

DOORTAL insulated doors are universal and the ideal solution for all buildings: public places, industrial premises, offices, etc. Their thermal and acoustic performance and high resistance to weather will provide comfort in all seasons.

An exclusive design

A high level of robustness

INSUPLUS, the 10 year warranty  warranty insulated door represent the top standard for mechanical resistance: the steel tubular frame exclusive to Doortal, the 1.5 mm thick leaf with internal reinforcements as well as strong hinges with stainless steel ball bearings grade 14 according to EN 1935 standard.

High degree of usability

DOORTAL’s insulated door design offers comfortable use, with no sharp edges on the leaf and all seals securely fixed. The styling is clean, with no visible welding points.

A high level of performance

The use of insulating materials combined with steel optimizes thermal breaks whilst maintaining robustness.

Thermal door

In context of sustainable development and environment awareness, the INSUPLUS range is composed of three types of insulated doors that score high ratings:

– INSUPLUS 2.1: Ud value of 2.1 W/m².K
– INSUPLUS 1.5: Ud value from 1.8 to 1.4 W/m².K
– INSUPLUS 1.2: Ud value from 1.5 to 1.2 W/m².K

The lower the figure, the higher the performance (which means the lower the energy loss). These ratings have been achieved by carefully selected insulated materials to create thermal breaks.

Acoustic and Air, Water and Wind resistance ratings

DOORTAL’s insulated doors also have acoustic ratings that have become indispensable with the latest regulations and Air, Water and Wind ratings approving their permeability to air, water and wind.

Ready to fix door sets

INSUPLUS door sets can be equipped with a whole range of door furniture: single or 3 point locks, panic bars, door closers or 90° door opening limiters, electric latches or locks, circular or rectangular vision panels or overpanels etc.

The unique « ChronoFIX® » concept:  to save time on site, DOORTAL uses the “Chronofix” concept which consists of fitting all the furniture in our factory. The installer receives his custom size or standard size door set 100% ready-to-fix.

Powder coating choice:  The INSUPLUS insulated door sets are made of galvanized steel, coated in any RAL or BS colour. They are also available in stainless steel.

Doors with decorative panel

To be able to meet diverse architectural requirements, DOORTAL steel door sets have the ability to combine high performance and architectural implementation. For an almost invisible door set, DOORTAL has designed offset hinges which enables the addition of a decorative panel.